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A new ancient discovery

Many people have seen the 1992 cult classic movie “The Medicine Man” where actor Sean Connery is searching in the jungle for an ingredient that will help with health care. If there was ever a sequel to that movie he would most likely be in a boat on the ocean.

Phytoplankton is where plant life and nutrition start. Phytoplankton is the result of the ultimate genesis; sunlight and seawater. When these two meet; their synthesis produces the purest form of nutritional components. The phytoplankton are the foundation of the food chain in the ocean. The zooplankton (krill and shrimp) eat the phytoplankton and countless other fish (including whales who live to over 100 years and are the size of school buses) eat the zooplankton.

Overlooked since the beginning of time. Karen Phytoplankton has been patiently awaiting to make its appearance into the nutritional scene to change all the rules and score some goals.

Fast forward to 2017 and big wins are being reported by NHL Hockey Players, Grandmothers, Ultra Marathon runners, Oil Patch Workers, Professional Bodybuilders, Nurses, University Professors, Truck Drivers, and Soccer Moms.

The Big Secret About The Microscopic Plant With Humungous Potential

Even though Phytoplankton literally comes out of nowhere, the results that Karen receives is from countless combined years of efforts from a team in Canada and a team in Spain.

It was first discovered by Team Canada in 2006 that a particular Phytoplankton could have amazing potential. Team Spain had the unique strain, the technology and processes to maximize the nutritional components of what was to become “Karen”. The two teams came together and incorporated Blugenics Innovations in small town Sackville, New Brunswick to spread the message of Karen and deliver a consistent product using trade secrets and the highest level of food safety standards.

Blugenics and Karen Phytoplankton have taken the lead in spreading the message, research, development and getting the product recognized by doctors, dermatologists, pharmacists, research groups, food manufacturers, health food stores, and professional athletes.

Another Step Ahead – Dermo Cosmetic Lotion

It was an exciting day when it was found that Karen Phytoplankton has the exact same potential in the Dermo Cosmetic Lotion industry and a revolutionary discovery in the hydration of the skin.

The pictures say it all. Not only was this lotion put to the test in a clinical environment but take a look at some of the photos already coming back.

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