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“The immediate increase of energy alone will keep me taking this product for the rest of my life…”*

—Linda Richard Allain, Riverview, NB

“The immediate increase of energy alone will keep me taking this product for the rest of my life…”*

—Linda Richard Allain, Riverview, NB


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“I believe marine phytoplankton contains all the micro-nutrients that are missing from our diets.*”
– Dr. Julie Cahill, BC

Julie Cahill

“My aches are gone, I feel cleaner, more hydrated and  happier over-all.*”
—Rachel Taylor, NB

Making waves
across Canada.

Find out what Karen can do for you.

Brayden Schenn

See for yourself why Karen marine phytoplankton is a game changer for Brayden Schenn of the Philadelphia Flyers.

“Buy a cup of coffee a day that’s about what it works out to for a months supply.*”
– Marie Reynen, NS

“I really notice the days I don’t take phytoplankton, because that’s when I wonder why do I feel so sluggish.*”
—Lenna Lisicky, NS

“The biggest thing that tells me a product is effective is when people come back for more.*”

– Jack Davies, Pharmacist – PharmaChoice, Stellarton, NS
One of our top selling Karen retailers

How did Karen grow from 1 to 1,000
stores in 2 years? Word of mouth.

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Amazing Reviews

Brayden Schenn #10

Center, Philadelphia Flyers

“I have been overwhelmingly impressed by the power of Karen Phytoplankton. Not only have I noticed a significant increase of energy and mental clarity but the recovery time to my hip joints and muscles after the game has been the biggest benefit. I am so impressed with Karen I wanted to help this great company let other hockey players and athletes know about the experiences I am getting with his product.*”

Team Sculpt and Team Chiseled use Karen daily  as part of their workout program.

The power of Karen in a lotion.
Need we say more?

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Individual results will varyresults are not guaranteed

The science has shown that the active Phytoplankton strains in Karen Dermo Cosmetic are producing anti-inflammation, hydration, collagen promotion, and a cell regeneration response. The science is available on our R&D page.

Also recommended for:
Cracked and dry heels, legs, elbows, and hands. Try the lotion on your face for an anti-wrinkle effect.

Dermatologically tested • Hypoallergenic • Paraben free

A Promising Discovery —
Unique Beginnings

Our flagship pure powder mixed with water, yogurt, juice or a smoothie broke all the rules. The critics said it couldn’t be done. This fishy tasting (but easily masked) Karen phytoplankton powder broke into the pharmacy scene after the 2015 Super Bowl game when a skeptical pharmacist didn’t have an acid reflux attack after a night of nachos, beers, and chicken wings.

History making testimonials are flooding in across Canada. Moms, Dads, Students, NHL Hockey Players, Runners, Bodybuilders, and Grandparents are becoming universally united by Karen Phytoplankton and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of nutrition and health care in Canada.

This non-scientific purely anecdotal experience was enough to try it on a few other people and now the rest is becoming history through Word Of Mouth and people helping other people.

Fast forward to 2017 and Karen Phytoplankton is now in tablets, and is again making big waves in the Dermo Cosmetic scene with a hydrating lotion that’s bringing in some eyebrow raising “before and after” pictures and streams of “Thank You” letters.

Individual results will varyresults are not guaranteed

You are now here discovering Karen. We encourage and invite you to try our products for 30 days with the assurance of a no hassle 30 day money back guarantee. Does Karen get these results with everyone?  No it doesn’t, but the majority do and if you feel the excitement Karen just might be that missing treasure you were looking for. 

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Buy With Free Shipping
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*Individual results will varyresults are not guaranteed